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Why is homosexuality a sin if Allah made me this way?
42 votes

“A person is not to be blamed for his nature. Rather, he is to be blamed if he acts according to his nature.” -Al-Junayd in ‘Hilyat al-Awliya” Our community needs to understand that NO ONE is ...

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Why is Interest such a bad thing according to Islam?
Accepted answer
26 votes

Why is Interest so bad? Riba has the potential to corrupt a society in a way that zina and other crimes can never do. Many religious figures and philosophers have commented about the evil nature of ...

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Scientific conflicts with respect to Quran
9 votes

Whenever a person makes a scientific claim that contradicts the Quran, then only 2 things are possible: Either the Scientific information is incomplete, misleading, inaccurate. Or the Quran has been ...

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How many ayaths are there in Al-Quran?
5 votes

the "6666 verses" myth was likely introduced to scare off Christians from looking into Islam, by associating the Quran with the devil's number. The total number of Ayats in the Quran is around 6,236. ...

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What does Visions of Jesus and Mary Mean to Muslims?
3 votes

Contrasted with Ex-Muslims who say that they experience visions and miracles after accepting Christianity, Ex-Christians who convert to Islam usually do so after finding the answers to life (Why are ...

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Why didn't the Prophet fight his enemies in Mecca during the first 3 years of Islam?
1 votes

Allah never commanded the Muslims to fight before they migrated to Medina. Instead the Prophet (pbuh) was commanded many times to remind the people of the truth. "So remind, if the reminder should ...

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Past nations sinned and were punished , current nations are excused?
1 votes

The nations of the past received clear admonition and guidance (with the means of prophets). The people were warned of their disbelief & actions and were commanded to do good. However the people ...

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What are Allah's mercy and justice, and how do they relate to each other?
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There is no contradiction between being merciful and just. The contradiction seems to occur only due to a misunderstanding of what Justice entails. Justice does not require the wrongdoer to be ...

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