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Is it haram to build a system which will be used at the end for haram purposes?
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God’s curse falls on ten groups of people who deal with alcohol. The one who distills it, the one for whom it has been distilled, the one who drinks it, the one who transports it, the one to who it ...

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Is there significance to the golden ratio occurring in Quranic verses?
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summation of abjad values of the first verses of all Suras What's the significance of it being a summation rather than, say, a product? Or a division? Or any other mathematical operation? What's the ...

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Is Qur'an a book of science?
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I want a few verses that directly prove Qur'an to be true with the test of science and without ambiguity in the meaning. Presumably what you are looking for is a verse that satisfies the following ...

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If interest is haram, how can a Muslim get a house or a car in modern times?
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The Qur'an is not clear as to what exactly riba is - whether it's any interest of any kind, or exploitative interest (like that of a loan shark). The Qur'an is also not clear whether riba is haram or ...

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