Hasan Tareq

I always was a person who felt like I can't do better for not having a glorious academic result. Later I discovered myself as a master of a particular subject. The academic results of the university were better than before. Above all, my interest and skills in computers were quite good, most of which I acquired through Google search.

Later I went through web design and development with fairly success and my clients and company were very satisfied with my work. So I think of myself as a person who understands a job and delivers accordingly.

While studying for my bachelor's degree, I worked part-time at some web development company as a front-end developer and WordPress developer. After completing my bachelor's degree, I worked as a WordPress theme and plugin developer at a company where on-page SEO, speed optimization, and so on. After completing my bachelor's degree, I joined a software company where my job was to develop WordPress themes and plugins and lead their junior web-development team. At this company I work on some web applications with CakePHP & Laravel.

My last job at the company was to develop features, bug fixing and UI improvement for CakePHP applications. I have also worked on developing and maintaining WordPress web site at this company and custom admin theme design and development for some government projects.

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