Heeger Materials Inc
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  • heegermaterials.com
  • 230 Steele St, Denver, CO 80206 USA

Business phone: 925-385-8104

Business wepsite: www.heegermaterials.com

Email: sales@heegermaterials.com

Business descriptions: Heeger Materials Inc is a global manufacturer and distributor of advanced materials with a more than 20,000 online products catalog and compendium of information on the chemical elements, advanced materials, and high technology applications. Our main materials are Rare Earth Materials, Refractory Metals, Thin Film Materials and High Purity Materials. Our advanced materials make your world better, enabling technologies to provide a safer, more sustainable future.

Business keywords: Deposition materials, refractory materials, rare earth materials, high purity materials, chemical powder, spherical powder, technical ceramics

Business hour: EST 6:00-18:00

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