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Hello, my name is Aupakarana Abhibhaa. I'm a non-denominational Hindu. Here are some things I tend to stick to:

  1. Reincarnation, Cosmology (~aliens) and Indra are Hinduism's core beliefs.
  2. Ideas that are pointless are pointless.
  3. The supreme deity is unbiased. So are Hinduism and Sanskrit.
  4. The details of a cannon scripture are always true, but their narratives are often (almost always) false.
  5. Some of the characters in the scriptural stories are self-aware that they are in a story.
  6. Some questions about scripture cannot be answered until the far future.
  7. Prion proteins are part of the body most directly controlled by the soul.

P.S. Indra without doubt exists. The reason why there is even a debate is that people are trying to prove the wrong God. Viṣṇuyaśas is the only God, of which there is proof everywhere you go.

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