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I am addicted to masturbating, will god forgive me?
2 votes

Salam, I will share a personal story as your story resonates with mine. I was 35 and I recently controlled my addiction which started at 13. Yes it is a life time. (For me someone who molested me put ...

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Are Magnum Mini halal?
Accepted answer
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So I contact Magnum/walls and asked if E471 is vegan/halal and they said no, and I inquired about the source as of which animal to which they had no idea. They also mentioned they sell halal and/or ...

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Does Allah hate homosexuals?
-1 votes

I can understand your feeling, as i always thought same too as i am going through transition from gay to getting married. Its hard not to have feeling for anyone of opposite sex. But once you make a ...

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