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What did the prophet say about whom the first caliph should be?
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Muslims divided into two teams because of this: The first team A.k.a Shia are who believe that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) selected Ali ibn Abi Talib as a caliph after him in various situations, the ...

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What do Islam say about watching football?
3 votes

Playing football is allowed by Islam. According to Wikipedia: The Islamic law, or Sharia, sets several bounds that indirectly impact Muslim athletes. This includes rules regarding the awrah, those ...

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Are first thirteen days of the month of Safar unlucky?
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First of all: I've never heard about the 13 unlucky days of Safar. Second of all: Some muslims, especially Shia, consider both Muharram and Safar months of grief and sadness, that's because Muharram ...

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