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Syed Qamar Abbas
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A dedicated iOS developer and a coder by passion. Currently aspiring to be an expert iOS Developer to implement the smoothest user experience.I have efficiency to execute the ideas in an efficient way.I have more than three years of experience as iOS developer

 iOS applications developed using Objective-C and/or Swift 2/3/4.

 Requirement Analysis & gathering.

 App Development,Bug fixing and maintenance.

 Estimation, design and development of various modules.

 Proficient with Apple Store app upload process.

 Proficient with Xcode IDE and iOS SDK.

 Able to upload Apps on Test Flight for Beta Testing.

 Social networking sites (Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn) integration.

 Having knowledge of Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Interface builder, CoreData, and APNS, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, CoreText, ImageI/O.

 Socket Handling for Text, Video and Audio Chats etc.

 Having knowledge of XML and JSON parsing.

 Able to use third party Libraries like Parse, Branch,Facebook,Google,Crashlytics, AFNetworking, SDWebImage, AWS, FCM, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON.

 Strong MVC discipline.

 Have worked on iOS 8 and Latest iOS 11.0 and above platform.

 Strong Knowledge of Core Data

 Strong knowledge in Auto layouts

 Good knowledge of Universal application for iPad, iPhone, iPod

 Good knowledge of Objective C and Object oriented concepts.

 Good knowledge of Swift 2.2 and all above.

 Worked on Gesture based recognition.

 Sound Knowledge of MVC and MVVM.

 Knowledge of developing custom pods & frameworks.

 Well Reputed StackOverFlow profile.

Specialties: iPhone and iPad Applications Development and Cocoa Touch Programming, Mackintosh Software Development. Unity 3D for mobile game development also. Objective-C Programming.

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