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What is the difference between saying Oh My Allah and Oh Allah
4 votes

The difference is the same that is there when u address your mother as O mother O my mother.. You can Call Allah using any of the names He like..Allah Almighty has Himself given us 99 names.. the ...

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Parents apologising to their own children?
2 votes

When we make a mistake we should apologize.. more so if it is your child.. Your children learn from you. when you apologize to them you teach them "not to be proud or haughty" and to own their ...

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Is there a difference between idolatry and partnership with God?
1 votes

Idolatry is only a part of the concept of "partnership with God". Both are prohibited in Islam.. Pagan forms of worship (I mean those including worshiping animals, rains, etc) is also prohibited. ...

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