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Currently I have set out to disprove the "Flat Earth Theory" once and for all... I am 3 years into this challenge. To my incredulity, I have been entirely unable to disprove ANY of Eric Dubay's proofs from his book, 200 Proofs The Earth Is Flat that I discovered on "AtlanteanConspiracy.com". These last few years have been quite a journey. It has caused me to rethink my belief system concerning God, the origin of Man, and the main religions of the world. Hence, my new "membership" on this website. I hope to find some answers here before moving on. I found Islam interested for many reasons, one being the middle eastern peoples' contributions to mathematics. Geometry as we know it wouldn't exist without the Persians. In all their mathematical brilliance, they too believed the Earth to be flat. I say "they too..." because as it turns out, ALL scholars, save a few Freemasons from 500 years ago, have always believed it to be flat. This debate only slowed drastically in very recent history due to the NASA Apollo missions of the late 60's/early 70's.
To me, that is fascinating that our currently accepted outlook of our entire Universe, happens to contradict what all of mankind has always seemed to believe it is, and it currently just happens to come from one source - a government source, and one that has been now PROVEN to be riddles with anomolies, bold faced lies, and a host of dead bodies in NASA's past.
This research has quickly become my obsession, and I fully believe in my lifetime, humanity will return to a flat earth cosmology. All my independent research seems to clearly point in this direction- as absolutely INSANE as this must surely sound to so many publicly educated people reading this post. Thank you for reading my profile, and please share any thoughts you have with me on the subject of Islam.

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