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Does a soul have a gender?
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Allah said in Quran that the knowledge of soul is with himself he hasnt given it to even our dear Prophet so it is upto Allah swt today i was thinking the same thing as an answer,do we have any ...

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What is the wisdom behind hiding adultery between spouses?
-1 votes

Suspicion is not allowed in Islam, if you are follower; be steadfast. In Sura An Nur adulterers cannot marry Muslims and vice versa; it is an order from Allah (swt). Search for others if you have ...

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What should I do when my husband keeps on denying me in bed?
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you have equal right over husband as he has over you “Those who take an oath not to have sexual relation with their wives must wait for four months, then if they return (change their idea in this ...

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What will happen to the people who disregarded all the prophets' miracles as magic?
-2 votes

once childishly Musa A.S asked Allah to show himself to Musa A.S Allah said no you cannot see,he insisted then on mount Judi Allah swt just showed his shadow the mountain turned to dust and Musa A.S ...

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Is family planning permissible in Islam?
-4 votes

no it is generally forbidden but in rare cases where life of mother is in danger then it is permitted

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What exactly is the challenge of the Quran?
-6 votes

brother you have asked a good question but i can give you answer as you have given your thoughts i can say you are confused. you may unable to grasp any answer you get to the point. the answer is ...

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