I have done a lot of different things in my life, from Primary school teacher to Humanities researcher. At the moment, I am a freelance digital nomad. I provide high level councelling for companies, mostly in the start-up and innovation fields. I am my own boss. I am quite independent in both my professional and personal life.

I was raised Catholic. Hard core. I was brainwashed by my family. I've done all the sacraments without even thinking about it because that was what I had to do. Period. Around 16, I realized I actually never believed in everything I was taught, I thought everyone was like me and saw God as a mythic creature, I was wrong. I experienced a huge rejection of everything religious. I became Atheist. Which actually I already was.

Since several years now, I'm awakening on the spiritual side. I have looked into a lot of different paths and philosophies. I have studied thoroughly Buddhism and Paganism, but also Platonism and Existentialism. The way I have lived religion during my childhood and teenage years was totally abusive, so I am very careful about dogma and extremism. And i'm not interested to joing any cult.

Lately, I am interested in learning more about Islam because I am moving to a country where Islam is the main religion. I am here mostly to look through questions people have asked and I might ask myself. To understand better the spiritual path people can take. To also be able to spot the brainwashed ones. I have a scientific mind. Knowledge is power. So better be informed.

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