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What is right and what is wrong?
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What is right and what is wrong? In the name of the kudos grace of Allah. First comes the realization of functionality and that of the process, and that of order, and that of the occurrence. ...

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Holding the Qur'an
-2 votes

In the name of Allah. The Quran is material, but consider any material touched. Consider the future of other users. Paper can absorb the stain and how long would that stain remain? I imagine that its ...

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Do Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God?
-3 votes

Yes. It's the same God. Here is how they all connect. The Jews where an object oriented people. The greatest of all objects. Is All Objects. So their God is "The All". In Hebrew it is ...

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How can I show that Jesus (pbuh) is not a god to Christian friend using Quran as guidance?
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This is how you can prove it to him using the Bible. Jesus is indeed is the son of Mariam and the messenger for "The All". A prophet without sin. Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am ...

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