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Referring to the punishment of disobeying Allah.
× 138
Haram (forbidden) in Islam, and it is considered a major sin.
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The hadith sciences ('Ilm al-Hadith, علم الحديث) refer to those studies which investigate and determine the authenticity of any given hadith and those which explain a hadith and search in the meanings…
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For questions relating to death and deceased people, animals, etc.
× 117
Questions about Islamic terms, the ways they are used, and what they mean.
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purity in English. Wudu provides Taharah from Hadath Al Asghar (small impurity), and Ghusul provides Taharah from Hadath Al Akbar (major impurity).
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Shirk means association or joining. The word is referring to association with Allah/God someone or something as a god with Him.
× 115
accepted as an exchange for goods and services.
× 112
The traditional covering for the hair and neck that is worn by Muslim women in the presence of non-mahrams.
× 104
the act of converting (from an other religion or no religion) to Islam
× 104
One of the great Prophets and Servants of God.
× 101
the religion founded by the later followers of Prophet Jesus(A.S), who is considered to be the second last prophet of Islam.
× 92
The proper ways of recitation of the Qur'an by following the tajweed etc
× 86
referring to The Devil, also known as Iblis. Satan is appointed to misguide people until the day of Judgement.
× 85
The prayer hall of Muslims. Muslims collaboratively pray five times in a day here. Use this tag about anything related to masjid.
× 83
is about things Muslims do in their daily life be it according to shari'a or not.
× 83
The word Tawbah (Repentance) in Arabic literally means 'to return'. It is to return to Allah seek forgiveness from a sin and resolve to never go back to it.
× 83
Having illegal intercourse with someone you are not married with.
× 81
for relationships in general except for marriage
× 80
Questions pertaining to interactions between Sh'ites and Sunni, and explicit differences of opinion between the two.
× 80
A school of thought in Islam founded by the later followers of Abu Hanifa, who is one of the great scholars of the salaf.
× 79
What to wear and how to dress/dress code
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related to Science. Can be be in visible conflict with Science
× 78
Refers usually to the biological father and mother
× 77
supernatural creature made of smokeless fire.
× 76
an Arabic term referring to the full body washing ablution.
× 75
Questions about specific Muslim scholars and their views and interpretations
× 74
Intimate relationship or attraction of two individuals from the same gender
× 72
created by Allah.
× 70
Prayer times refers to times when Muslims perform prayers (salat).
× 70
for questions related to rulings for children