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What is the meaning of leather straps in the hadith?

Wudu (ablution) is a ritual of washing the hands, arms, face, head and feet. It is required to be performed as a pre-requisite of certain acts such as before performing Salah (ritual worship). ...
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Dripping urine on paints during sneezing

You have to try your best to avoid urine in clothes but if it still happened to be in your cloth like after you sneeze, you can try to wash it if you have access to bathroom. Just sprinkle some water ...
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Najas on clothes

Generally, when something was initially pure but there is doubt about it becoming Najis, it should still be considered pure. And it should be considered najis only if you are sure it is najis. Also, ...
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Urine on clothes

You are suffering from Waswas and you should not give much attention to any of the thoughts like "feelings as if urine has dripped" unless you see a concrete evidence. The prophet told ...
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