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Salam, In my opinion, your wudu is valid. Remember Allah (swt) made wudu simple for us, and we aren't supposed to feel frustrated doing it. Some of the scholars said that if water (pus) from wounds is a small amount, it does not invalidate wudoo, but if it is a large amount then it does invalidate wudoo’. Hope that helps. MuslimGap


If a person is not sure whether wind came out of him, his wudoo’ is not invalidated by this mere uncertainty; rather he has to carry on with his prayer, and in this case his prayer is valid and he does not have to repeat it, unless he is certain that he did pass wind. Al-Bukhaari (137) and Muslim (361) narrated from Sa‘eed ibn al-Musayyab, and from ‘Abbaad ...


The natation mentioned is not even authentic. You should type" how the prophet was performing ablution" in Google, and the will give authentic a'hadith about the real way to perform ablution.


You should get it checked out by a doctor before assuming anything. I suffer from incontinence and the ruling for that is to do a fresh wudu for each namaz but it has to be done at the time of the prayer. But I would still get it checked out first before following anything.


I to had a similar question like you and like I did not get a real straight answer my advice is to listen to your gut feeling and see what it tells you oh and keep in mind that while reciting the holy Quran your speaking directly to the maker of all just think about that for a minute your speaking, talking, and conversing with the almighty now ask yourself ...

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