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Earning from a blog that provides cracked softwares for download?

The act of sharing download files or download links of cracked software (which are not freely available) on your website, and the act of earning money off it, in my opinion, are haram, unless you have ...
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Is it better to have the day off of work for Friday prayers or just some time off of work?

There's no Islamic requirement or even recommendation for the Friday to be taken as a day of rest. Inre the Friday prayers, the Qur'an states (emphasis mine): 9 O you who have believed, when [the ...
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Is it haram to do freelancing work with Israel company

If there's one thing i avoid then giving advise. And I'm happy that this is hardly on topic here. So let me ask you: Is the job you are asked to do haram or related to haram things/deeds? Does your ...
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As a foreign student whose visa does not allow work, can I deliver food with pork ingredients for work via the DoorDash app?

Under any circumstances, the answer is the same. The forbiddance of both alcohol and swine is well established in Islam and is not contextual; hence, no specific fatwa is required. Any act that one ...
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What religious items should a Muslim include on their CV?

Nothing. Unless you want to do some research for religious studies where having a hands on experience with that sect, religion is a bonus. I suspect some have mentioned their father's name as they ...
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If a supplier offers commission to a purchaser, is it halal?

The rule is very simple: if you were to stay in your residence and not have your current job, would you have received said commission either way? If the answer is yes, you can take it. If the answer ...
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Is it Haram to work in the factory that produces alcoholic drinks.?

Hadith: Wine is cursed from ten angles: The wine itself, the one who squeezes (the grapes etc), the one for whom it is squeezed, the one who sells it, the one who buys it, the one who carries ...
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Is making Software for a beer company permissible?

I have found a question similar to yours answered from a respected Sheikh. Here is a quote: If you're building something that you know - certainly - will be used primary - for prohibited purposes, ...
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Can Muslim women become astronauts and go to space?

It is widely acknowledged within Islamic jurisprudence that it is generally forbidden for a woman to embark on a journey lasting more than three days without the presence of her husband or a mahram, ...
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Is it righteous to give zakat or sadaqah from the income of a job which requires ongoing bribery to keep?

Brother aoa I have researched alot and I got to know that(sorry to say) your job is ......... I cannot say as I do not want to disheart you (forgive me) According to an example A seed sown in the ...
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Is it permissible to write blogs about cricket or football and earn money via AdSense?

According to the a core principle of Islam, لا ضرر و لا ضرار - no harm for you and for others, it is completely halal.
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Is it halal in Islam to work as a web/graphics designer?

Some pictures have specific copyright for author. For example pictures from this reference has public copyright issue and you have not ask owner for privileges. Using pictures that are free source ...
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If a husband and wife were co-workers, would the wife need to be obedient in the workplace?

If a husband and wife were co-workers, would the wife need to be obedient in the workplace? If the wife is the boss then the husband must follow her official orders. That is because cheating is haram ...
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Should a woman rush towards Allah and become a good housewife or follow passion in her career?

The way you phrased the question makes it sound as if becoming a housewife is the best way to serve Allah. Which is misleading. There is nothing in Islam preventing women from pursuing a successful ...
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Is building a website for non-Muslim restaurants halal?

The ruling on such matters usually is that if the majority of the transactions carried out are halal then a small share of haram is tolerable (provided that you personally are not involved in the ...
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Is it haram to break a company's terms of service?

Quran 5:1 O you who believe fullfil contracts. As you have signed or agreed to not to break any terms , it's wrong to break terms.
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Cabin crew (Air Hostess) job is Good for Muslims

As salamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakah. If you are female, there are a lot more bariers for you, in short the job is not for a muslim girl/women. But if you are male, then you can't just do the job ...
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Is it permisable to work in a company which supports LGBT rights?

Praise be to Allah, Assalamualaikum, It is permissible to work in the company as long as you yourself aren’t involved in anything that is supporting LGBT rights. However, if they request you to ...
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Is it halal to avail service from a company that makes use of pirated software?

As i understand, your question is that if its halal to get paid by working on piracy software? then According to Islam this is simply straight, If you are not paying for the software you are using ...
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Is it permissible to do freelancing or learn a new skill while on the job for some company?

It all depends on the policy of your company, and AFAIK, no company will allow you to do the work for some other bushiness or company as you are being paid to work for the current company. But for ...
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What does Islam says about e.g. relatives who ask for money but don't work despite being healthy?

If I am instead of you, at first I know him, Is he lazy or he can not find a good job. If he is lazy and never try to find job, its clear, do not help him because he does not like to improve him self. ...
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Am I allowed to take commission from a supplier when my boss doesn't know?

Giving Nominal Appraisal is your Boss duties. if he is muslim , convey him the hadith about giving salary to the employee before sweat getting drained. otherwise, you should inform your owner about ...
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Is working online from home haram?

Working from Home is not haram. Allah ask us to find job which do not spoil salah ( Namaz) . And prophet Mohammed prohibited several types of jobs like cheating, gambling , anything relate with loan ...
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Will I be judged on judgment day for not avoiding my family's haram business?

This is a question with a straightforward answer in the Quran itself: "Indeed, those whom the angels take away while they are wronging themselves, they (the angels) ask, ‘What state were you in?’...
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Can a (male) taxi driver drive a female (non mahram), while being alone?

It's forbidden for non-mahram men and women to be alone together (khulwah). However, the question is if being alone in a taxi constitutes khulwah given that people can see inside taxis. There's a ...
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Should a woman rush towards Allah and become a good housewife or follow passion in her career?

I respect your answer but I have come across some books stating that Khadijatul-kubra raziallahu anhu was a successful woman before marriage and after marriage she dedicated herself to become a good ...
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What is a Muslim obliged to donate while earning an income?

The usually followed minimum threshold for a person is the value equivalent to 21 ounces of silver (612.36 grams). Your wealth comes from work earnings, which makes you obliged to pay 2.5% of of your ...
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