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Does the Quran actually refer to the expansion of the universe?

Traditionally the scholars has interpreted the word "lamosi'on" (لَمُوسِعُونَ) to mean; "indeed We are able too". Most other translations today seems to (subjectively) ignore that ...
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Could Allah be a Boltzmann Brain that evolved spontaneously from the uncertainty of the quantum vacuum?

The Boltzmann brain is a ...self-aware entity that arises due to random fluctuations out of a state of chaos (Wikipedia), which implies that, if a Boltzmann brain exists, it's most probably among ...
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Does the Quran actually refer to the expansion of the universe?

An example of the interpretation Let's start with a quote from qtafsir (a somehow summarized version of tafsir ibn Kathir): Allah reminds us of the creating of the higher and lower worlds, (We ...
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In Islam is there another universe other than ours?

Allah refers himself as the lord of the worlds in the Quran which indicates that there might be other universes out there. He said in the Quran: He is the Living (One): There is no god but He: Call ...
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Is the lowest heaven not our atmosphere?

You are assuming there is any distinction between the atmosphere and the rest of the universe. We only make a distinction today because we divide it based on the gravity of earth and based on its ...
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Does the Quran actually refer to the expansion of the universe?

My understanding as a lay-person, is that the Quran can be understood in different ways, when it comes to these scientific sounding verses. 1400 years ago, no one would have understood it the way we ...
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Why did Allah create so many galaxies, planets and other astronomical phenomenas?

Allah creates what he wills, we don't know why he does something, we can only guess based on what is revealed. May be it is to show his power to us, we now know how infinitely small we are compared to ...
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What Was Before The Universe?

We do know that Allah is uncreated and he's always been there even before the universe and will be there after. Sunan Ibn Majah 3873 (Sahih): It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that : when going to ...
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The size of each sky

As Salaamu 3laykum, I hope you are doing well. You can refer to this hadith: It was narrated that Ibn Mas’ood said: Between the first heaven and the one above it is (a distance of) five hundred years....
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Are Yajuj Majuj on earth?

“Bring me sheets of iron" - until, when he had leveled [them] between the two mountain walls, he said, "Blow [with bellows]," until when he had made it [like] fire, he said, "Bring ...
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Question regarding God and universe

Wahda al-Wujud has been historically rejected by Ibn Timiyya and his followers such as the Salafiyya and Wahhabiyya. It also runs against all other historical theological schools such as the Mu'tazila,...
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What is the purpose of creating this universe?

According to reason of creation it is said that in Quran God Almighty created the Universe so that you can know how powerful is He and also He created the creatures to be known, so that His creatures ...
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