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You can find PDFs and audio recordings of the 10 qiraat on this website: IslamWeb However, note that I have found mistakes in their PDFs. It is always better to refer to an actual audio recitation. You can also look at this mushaf which is written in the riwayah of Hafs from Aasim, and the other recitations are noted on the side:


In this I included some videos of same sura in different qiraat What I would recommend is looking for quraa who recite in certain qiraa I think Alafasy recite in all of them!


By "lost" Imam Malik means "gone" i.e. "abrogated." He doesn't mean someone "misplaced" it which is why we no longer have it. Basically, what Imam Malik said is that there were narrations from the Sahabah that Surah Tawbah used to be as long as Surah Baqarah. And he used this as evidence (because Surah Tawbah isn't ...


That certain verses were abrogated is shown to be supported by several surahs, including ayat 16:11 And when We put a revelation in place of (another) revelation - and Allah knows best what He reveals ... and also ayat 13:39 And Allah effaceth what He will, and establisheth what He will and with Him is the source of all Ordinance ... And also what is ...

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