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Allah is merciful, just be honest and ask for forgiveness. If Allah forgives you wont see about in afterlife, if not you will. Be hopeful on Allah's mercy.


Once you make sincere taubah that sin will be erased Allah knows best


Of course when you run to Allah and ask for his forgiveness and make tawbah and promise never to do it again Allah will forgive you and when you are worried this is a sign that you are a true believer. And remember this Allah loves it when you ask for forgiveness, or ask him something he loves it when you do this so remember that and never despair from ...


Salaam, The fact that you did it unknowingly and want to ask for forgiveness, shows your strength in faith. There are so many ways you can ask for fogivness. You can make dikhr and recite astaghfirallah, you can make sure to repeat it in your daily prayers, and you can simply hold out your hands and make dua. Remember, that Allah (swt) is the oft-forgiving ...

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