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Did The Sahaba Prayed To The Prophet instead of Allah?

The narrations you have quoted are not about praying to the Prophet instead of Allah, rather they are clearly praying to Allah and using the Messenger of Allah ﷺ as a wasilah. They ask Allah to ...
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What are the rulings of visitng graves and graves of pious people?

Permission to visit the Graves: The Four main sects, shia's, deobandi's, brailvi's, and Whabbis have different point of views for visiting graves. Shia's and Bralevi's encourage visiting graves. A ...
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Can we ask another person who is more faithful than us to ask our demands from Allah ? is this Tavassol or not?(Sunni view )

Assalaamu alaikum, as you know, making Dua by directly calling on Allah is the best way. This hadith shows that you can ask Someone who is present to make Dua for you as Umar did. This is the same as ...
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Umar recoursed (Tawassol) to the uncle of the Prophet(s) (Sunni view)

Salam The concept of tawasoul is different as describe above, only Sunnis are those who have strong believe in tawasoul. Sunnis never consider ask for tawasoul from dead one as shirk and they used to ...
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