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As salaam alaikum brother .. Firstly I ask u not to get excited and emotional as far as the terms u used on marriage of minor girls ... Islam doesn't allow nikal of a girls whether she is minor or 18+ without wali ( her male guardian) . For best answer please consult to kibar ulema for mote reference Jazaak Allah Abu asiya ..


I am a Child but I will do my best to answer ur Question and Yes, I am 13. U have the right to divorce according to Islam. If the Husband disrespects their Wife he needs to seek refuge to Allah so Allah can lend his Mercy to that Person. If u do the 5 Pillars in Islam it will work like believing Allah, Fasting, Charity, going to the Mecca, and Praying to ...


Marriage (the contract) is permissible with a minor, according to the majority view. Although many of the scholars have noted such a marriage to be discouraged under normal circumstances. Being a minor is however a legal obstacle to the consummation of marriage i.e. handing over the bride to the husband and allowing him to have intercourse, because a minor ...

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