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I just opened the Quran on my phone and I see after the 'ha' there is an silent Alif or 'Laam'(Not 100% sure). Anyway the ending letter becomes that Alif so reading the 'ha' is correct. In some other ayas there is a silent 'ya' at the end.


It seems to me that you are neither an Arabic speaker nor have a basic level in understanding Arabic. As what you suggest would rotate an Arabic linguist in his grave if he could. Let me explain your inquiry with a focus on the linguistic part of the question: Your Example from surat al-Zalzala (99) Al-Zalazala or al-Zalzalah (both actually are examples of ...


The somewhat surprising answer is that no Surah other than Surah Mujadilah includes a name of Allah in every verse. These are the top 20 surahs in terms of percentage of verses that have Allah's names: I counted only the 99 well-known names of Allah, and I only counted them if they had the "ال". Meaning "الْعَلِيم" counted, but not just &...

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