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Earning from a blog that provides cracked softwares for download?

The act of sharing download files or download links of cracked software (which are not freely available) on your website, and the act of earning money off it, in my opinion, are haram, unless you have ...
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Is photoshop is allowed in Islam?

Using Photoshop is not haram but it matters that what are you doing on Photoshop if its allowed then its okay if its not allowed then its haram. Lets see this in this way that you can keep a knife or ...
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Is there a reward for building a mosque in Minecraft?

(I am not sure why the question got so down-voted, I'll try my best at least to answer.) It was narrated that 'Umar bin Khattab said: "I heard the Messenger of Allah say: 'Whoever builds a mosque ...
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Is Firefox software halal due to its logo?

For reference, here's the Firefox logo: Even stricter scholars don't include "incomplete images" as haram, e.g., Islam Q&A wrote: It seems that images which do not have complete ...
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Is my pirated copy of Windows 10 halal, given that I ordinarily could have upgraded from Windows 7, but it got a virus?

No, your usage of pirated version of Windows 10 is not halal. As the Dr. Zakir Naik has put it in the linked video, piracy is haram and your case does not fall under the exceptional cases he has ...
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Can we make a software that markets a artist to their audience?

Being a software engineer, i am also now days having an offer of a related project, and i am trying my best to avoid it, and i believe supporting any sin is as bad as the sin itself... And ALlah says ...
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Is making apps haram?

It's not the app, it's what it's used for. This is analogous to asking is English haram? There are things one can say in English which are haram to say, but the English language is not the problem. ...
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is it haram to decompile a .dll assembler to see it's content?

Microsoft have released the source code under the MIT licence, so it's fine because they have granted permission for you to do exactly that. In fact, here is the source code on Mono https://github....
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Cross Platform Quranic Software with Translations

As-salamu alaykum: Quranic Software KSU - Electronic Mosshaf project "Ayat" Ayat is a cross platform Quranic software with unique features, translated to many languages. currently installed on more ...
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Is web Scraping/Automation against site terms of use Haram?

IMO, web scraping is breaking the Terms of service of most services. This is i would think a subset of breaking the law. Visit the link to see what the ruling is for breaking the law https://www....
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Is it sense of lying if ticking the checkbox of software terms/condition without reading it?

in a sense of you asking, mostly not, if you are aware not to do harmful things etc. as long s you are aware about them, then in a way no its not a sense of lying or haram
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Developing software to add late payment fee and interest

Based on this topic It is not permitted to delay what is due to others and take too long to pay it. The person to whom the money is owed has the right to demand his money and to cancel the contract ...
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Cross Platform Quranic Software with Translations

There is another app which is Islam360 which is available on iOS, Android, Windows. It Also has nice features like searchable in Arabic, English, Urdu. Translation in English, Urdu, Roman Urdu, ...
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site/link for word count of quran?

Another site that allows you to search the transliterations is You have to register, but it seems even better than the islamicity link since it searches the ...
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Is it halal to avail service from a company that makes use of pirated software?

As i understand, your question is that if its halal to get paid by working on piracy software? then According to Islam this is simply straight, If you are not paying for the software you are using ...
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Is using pirated software haram? if yes then what's the shari punishment for that?

Your understanding is somewhat correct. Basically in the hereafter there we expect to be judged and if we have done wrong or if our wrongdoings have over weighted our good deeds we expect a punishment....
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Is installing software using serial numbers available in internet haram or halal?

It is very wrong to use softwares which others make for years in programing, designing, planing and testing that they charge for their living. This is the lone source of income for a programmer. It ...
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Is making accounting software for handling e.g. interest haram?

From the below mentioned haith it is clear that Muslims should not be involved in any aspect of riba. As it is one of the sure ways to Jahnam. From Jabir : The Prophet, may cursed the receiver and ...
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Does anyone know about an app being created to help the Muslim Community keep in touch via mobiles?

I assume you are referring to the iUmmah app which is still under development. Daily Mail has a full report regarding this app. The way I see it, it's a app created by the some nationalist fasuq (bad) ...
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Is it haram to build a temple management software application?

I've spoken with an Imam and Mufti about this. They said that this will have an affect in the afterlife for me, they told that this should be avoided. They said if I'll be creating a website for ...
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Is building a hackintosh computer haram?

Once you purchase a product, it's halal for you to dispose of your possession as you see fit, and the seller cannot place a condition on how you will or won't use your possession. Therefore a contract ...
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Is it haram to pirate software I cannot purchase due to not having a credit card, with the intention of paying for it when I do get a credit card?

The way I look at it is simple. Have you wronged the creators of the software by using it without paying? Imagine you are standing outside a bakers shop. You are hungry but you do not have the means ...
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Can I work for as a software engineer for a company that also does pornography?

Asalaam alaikum Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.[2:201] it is incumbent upon us muslims to ...
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