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Of course dear brother/sister it's fine allah is definitely happy with you because not only are you trying to not make a mistake in quran or pronounce something wrong in addition your reciting it after or together with the reciter. What your doing is more greater then reading by yourself and pronouncing something wrong which might lead to change in ...


The correct answer is that reciting anything after the opening chapter, Al-Fatiha, is not obligatory. See Praise be to Allah. 1 – Reciting Qur’aan after al-Faatihah in prayer is not obligatory, either in a fard (obligatory) prayer or a naafil (supererogatory) prayer, ...


One is enough. Verse 2:255 is a single verse, 2:1 is also a single verse. Muhammed(PBUH) hasn't said anything about limits for the extra surah you recite.


You need to recite an extra surah other than Fathihah for prayers. But you dont need to do a long surah, why not a single verse from Ikhlaas or Naas. We can recite verse 2:255 but not 112:1? Both are single verse but only size differs. So if you dont have time, just recite a single line of a surah and that will be enough.

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