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yes you can as long as you are not in a major impurity. just bath yourself to make sure you are clean thats all. and if you are too lazy to even bath just put a clean glows in your hand in which case you are not physically touching quran (that glows thing is not said by any scholars but me, but as i said you are not touching quran you are just touching the ...


At least three verses and maximum is how much you can recite.


These two sources do not answer the question of is disliking the tajweed in general haram. But they do shed some light for situations where you are listening to Tajweed involuntarily. 1.) A person is not blamed for being disturbed and harmed by someone who raises his voice when reciting the Quran. I have found this answer on The heart of the ...


Allah revealed the Qur'an in Arabic, not English. Translations of the Qur'an are not the Qur'an. At best, they're interpretations. As interpretations, each translator may or may not take different tacks as to how best to interpret the divine words: Some go strictly literal, word for word. Some will attempt to capture the implied meaning, often supplemented ...


Yes, you can recite a small portion of a long Surah. As I know your recitation should be at least three small ayahs or a long ayah which equal to three small ayahs and the sky is the limit! Zajakallahu Khair.


In the first and second rak'ahs of the obligatory daily prayers, the worshiper (according to the "Ehtiate-Wajeb" obligatory precaution) must recite a complete surah after the praise. Unless the time for prayer is short, or a person is forced not to recite the Surah, as if he were afraid that if he recited the Surah, he would be harmed by a thief or ...

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