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Firstly, you should really come to understand that the current reading is mutawatir, proven without doubt. Some random isnad-less reports from Ibn Abbas (RA) aren't going to suddenly change that in any way. And why are you so quick to accept the authority of a reading from a random report over the recitation of the Muslims from the time of the Prophet till ...


Why this reading doesn't exist in our modern Moshaf? This is a known reading of the qur'an that is no more accepted since the compilation of the moshaf al-Imam by 'Uthman ibn 'Affan which can be regarded as a canonical copy. As it neither is conform to the scripture nor the recitation on which most of the qurraa' of 'Uthman's committee among the sahabah ...


Ibrahim Al-Nakha’i (born 46 AH) did not meet Abdullah ibn Masud (died 32 AH), so the chain is severed. It is acceptable as a tafsir of the verse but not as a recitation and even if it had an authentic chain then a singular narration does not hold any ground against tawatur in terms of recitation.

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