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Prophet SAW is noor as well as human and was alive before coming in this world and then his nafs tasted death and He SAW is alive now and He SAW is sent as a prophet to entire mankind from first to last as said in the Quran "We have sent thee not, but to mankind entire, good tidings to bear, and warning; but most men do not know it. as well as from ...


Those that disregard the miracles as magic at very least believe in magic. Those that know understand that upon 200 angels that landed on Mount Hermon does the responsibility lie for the craft arts taught to the human race. There are two other angels who visit cities before their fall and are always referred to as good men. Haroot and Maroot are known to ...


The basic answer is that Nabi means "Prophet" in English but Rasul means "Messenger" in English.

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