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Please refer to my answer to the linked question. The Islamic belief is that all the prophets were without sin, so yes Jesus was also without sin as he was a prophet. Specific traditions about Jesus being without sin have also occurred e.g. in the exegesis of the verse: وإني سميتها مريم وإني أعيذها بك وذريتها من الشيطان الرجيم And I have named her ...


Through this conversation, we are given a glimpse of the true views and words of 'Isa bin Maryam [Jesus] عليه السلام who is basically affirming that he only taught people Tawheed [worship Allah (ﷻ) alone] and rejecting the concepts of Shirk that started after he was gone; he rejects that he ever told people to worship either him or his mother. [Some ...


You could but in general we really refer to him as Isa (AS) It’s fine so... I guess yes you could do that But Isa (as) is not in front of us so it’s better not so say YA rasool Allah

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