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Cabin crew (Air Hostess) job is Good for Muslims

As salamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakah. If you are female, there are a lot more bariers for you, in short the job is not for a muslim girl/women. But if you are male, then you can't just do the job ...
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Is youtuber a halal profession?

YouTube is a website, a tool in it's essence. Depending on what type of content you publish, promote, and advertise on your channel will determine whether working on this YouTube channel is haram/...
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What's the most virtuous profession?

I do not think there is really something as specific as "virtuous profession" in Islam. I wil say, more precisely, from an Islamic perspective, the intention of doing a profession is what matters in ...
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Is it permissible to pursue a career in pastry and baking, if it might involve using alcohol while learning in class?

I was looking into this just last month. I was very passionate about the idea, after a few months of baking large parts of the day. The more I investigated studying at a school, the more I learned how ...
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What is the Islamic ruling on writing fiction?

It is not haram! I am a Muslim fiction author. You can find my fiction books on under the pen name Gabriel Bacopa. Everything in Islam is halal unless stated otherwise. There were many ...
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What is the Islamic ruling on writing fiction?

Generally, so long as fiction upholds the moral and spiritual values of Islam, then it's fine. For example, you might then describe an evil monster - for example, like Darth Vader in Star Wars only to ...
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