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Earning from a blog that provides cracked softwares for download?

The act of sharing download files or download links of cracked software (which are not freely available) on your website, and the act of earning money off it, in my opinion, are haram, unless you have ...
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Is Windows 10 halal?

You say this is from its official website. So it's not piracy, as Microsoft have given it to you freely. If you're concerned, read the terms and conditions to see if your usage is legal. I'm not ...
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Is my pirated copy of Windows 10 halal, given that I ordinarily could have upgraded from Windows 7, but it got a virus?

No, your usage of pirated version of Windows 10 is not halal. As the Dr. Zakir Naik has put it in the linked video, piracy is haram and your case does not fall under the exceptional cases he has ...
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Is it halal to avail service from a company that makes use of pirated software?

As i understand, your question is that if its halal to get paid by working on piracy software? then According to Islam this is simply straight, If you are not paying for the software you are using ...
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Can't afford so I pirate

Since the owner of these tutorials has put a price for it's videos or other stuffs in it's official webiste or webpage then it is prohibited to access in pirate sites to take the online courses. ...
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Is using pirated software haram? if yes then what's the shari punishment for that?

Your understanding is somewhat correct. Basically in the hereafter there we expect to be judged and if we have done wrong or if our wrongdoings have over weighted our good deeds we expect a punishment....
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Can we use pirated books on the Internet?

No, you should not use pirated books unless owner (publisher/writer) has put it for free to use or you took explicit permission from owner to read/use.
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Is it haram to pirate software I cannot purchase due to not having a credit card, with the intention of paying for it when I do get a credit card?

The way I look at it is simple. Have you wronged the creators of the software by using it without paying? Imagine you are standing outside a bakers shop. You are hungry but you do not have the means ...
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What is the Islamic stance on Internet piracy?

there may be some cases in which it is permissible to make copies without permission of the owners. That applies in two cases: 1 – If it is not available in the marketplace and one needs it, and the ...
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