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Is it permissible for a husband to press his wife's feet when her feet are in pain?

First of all, the default in Islam is that anything that is not forbidden is allowed. I am scratching my head on this one. I am a little alarmed that you are panicking about being a sinner because ...
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Is there any truth to the claim that a man may not shake hands with a woman because she menstruates and is therefore unclean?

Menses entails ritual impurity similar to defecation, urination and ejaculation. It does not however make a woman inherently unclean or untouchable, similar to how urination does not make someone ...
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Is a Muslim man allowed to shake hand with a non-Muslim woman or vice versa?

The above answer doesn't provide any of the proofs given by the one holding the opinion that it is prohibited for opposite genders to shake hands. Their proofs are linked in his answer to this answer ...
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Did the Blindfolded Islamic man who recieved hugs in Paris sin?

Well i'm not a scholar and my answer will be based on my own opinion and i will try to explain it. Acts should be considered or judged according the intention, this is something that we as humans in ...
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