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Why don't we say "subhanahu wa ta'ala" after saying "assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah"?

After saying Allah, it seems we're encouraged to say "subhanahu wa ta'ala" (meaning "the most glorified, the most high"). However, there seems to be exceptions to this, e.g., when we say "assalamu ...
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Is it permissible to say a portion of the Serenity prayer

I came across the following prayer titled the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; ...
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Is there Quranic evidence that marriages are made in heaven?

I heard that couples are made in heaven. I need quranic evidence for same. Please tell me what is quran ayat regarding that.
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What should I say when I hear the death of a Muslim?

What should I say when I hear the death of a Muslim? Is there any specific dua/words that Shahaba (R) uttered?
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Is "May our lives be sacrificed" a set Muslim phrase?

I came across a poster saying May our lives be sacrificed for prophet Muhammad ﷺ Is "May our lives be sacrificed" a phrase that occurred around the time of Muhammad, or is it a modern phrase?
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Is it allowed to say "May Allah be merciful to him" for non-Muslim deads/livings?

I was told that it's not allowed to say "May Allah be merciful to him" رحمه الله for Non-Muslim deads. Well, while I know we can say that for both livings and deads, I didn't know that it's not ...
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What are the rules of saying "peace be upon him"?

I have many questions regarding this phrase: Is this reserved for Muhammad (peace be upon him), or should it be used for other people as well? Is it mandatory to say it every time his name is ...
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Why do Muslims add "peace be upon him" after names of important people?

In websites, books and TV programs, I frequently hear that people use this phrase. Example: Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born in 571. What is the meaning and purpose of this?
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