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What is the amount of nisab for Zakah?

Zakat is obligatory charity. Nisab means the minimum amount of wealth, such that if a person owns less than that then Zakat is not obligatory on them. The Nisab for Gold is 85 grams1 (20 Dinar = ...
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After recently starting to earn a salary, when do I need to pay zakat?

Not only the salary that will be counted. Your property(Includes all the property you have Details Here) has to be reached the amount of a Nisaab and stay with you for 1 lunar year. As soon as this ...
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I have a bank loan, a monthly salary, and no savings from my salary. Do I need to pay zakat?

I agree that you should ask the expert in calculating your zakat. However, I'll just add a bit of information around this matter. The 600.000 that you lent out might be eligible for zakat. I've read ...
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