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Are these silly lies haram according to Islam?

In Islam, lying is strictly prohibited except in three cases. Allah says (what means): “It is only those who believe not in the Ayah (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) ...
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What does Islam say about lying to stay in the UK for a British passport?

With some exceptions which don't apply here, lying is forbidden in Islam: ... it is not lawful to lie except in three cases: Something the man tells his wife to please her, to lie during war, and ...
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Lying in video games haram? (Among Us)

Assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuhu I also want you to consider you been asking about want you spent time doing, Because verily the massager of Allah said, "The feet of a servant will not ...
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Is it permissible to use sarcasm and exaggeration to make someone laugh?

Asalaam Alaikum ABOUT EXAGGERATION what is exaggerate?, it is defined as ; to magnify beyond the limits of truth; overstate; represent disproportionately. thus exaggeration is a form of lying. another ...
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Does Shia Islam have any narration where attributing a lie to the Prophet is a grave sin and leads to hell?

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful I found a related hadith (religious narration) which might elucidate the inquiry and can be your answer. According to a Motewater (...
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Is lying to prevent a great sin allowed?

you cannot do it with the example you listed above because saying you don't want to go will have the same effect , in islam you can only lie to prevent to prevent hatred between people who have had a ...
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Are these silly lies haram according to Islam?

There is a hadith that has roughly this content: a man was being chased by people who wanted to harm him, and I think kill him. They entered his wife's house and asked where her husband is. She drew a ...
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How do I ask Allah to forgive me for my past life and lying about it to protect my wife?

You should: Repent: regret what you have committed in the past, refrain from committing such sins again, and ask for Allah's forgiveness. Do not tell others about your previous sins. Use tact if ...
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Is Marriage Annul if Wife runs from home with out husband's concern

To annul a marriage a verdict of a court is necessary. For that the wife must apply in a shari'a court. And they must verify her statement etc.. Note that a nullification of a marriage rarely happens ...
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Lying in some situation to avoid a sin is halala or haram

It's not good/halal. Scolars point out actually two circumstances in which lying is halal: If a lie contributes to peace or harmony. If it is clear that the person to whom you lie has bad intentions ...
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Which is worse, backbiting or lying?

Alhamdulillah, You won’t have to do both. You can keep your answers ambiguous this way you are neither lying nor backbiting. Both are sins that Allah will punish. We should never ever lie because if ...
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About lying as self defense and saving a life

Yes, in such a situation it would be permissible to lie. Allah says in the Quran: “He who disbelieves in Allah after his having believed, not he who is compelled while his heart is at rest on account ...
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Is it sense of lying if ticking the checkbox of software terms/condition without reading it?

in a sense of you asking, mostly not, if you are aware not to do harmful things etc. as long s you are aware about them, then in a way no its not a sense of lying or haram
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Asking someone to Swear

Per Islam, either the person claiming someone took something from them gives evidence OR in the lack of that evidence... the other person against whom the claim is made takes an oath. This is ...
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Can a person lie to keep something safe or hidden or to protect something which will benefit him?

Islam is against telling lies in general. The only exception is if you think that telling the truth will put your safety, or your money, or the safety of those who you care about, in danger. Then you ...
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Is making tawbah sufficient for lying when swearing on the Quran?

according to , it's a debt that you owe until you are capable. Also , you can appoint someone to feed on your behalf
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Does Islam permit writing fictional stories?

Fictional stories are a little different than just idle joke telling because they can be used for educational reasons. Fatawa saying they are permissible likely were referring to fictional stories ...
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Is it haram to use something that was not faithfully obtained?

Supposing you have no problem using your laptop now, Do I have to delete my online accounts which I have created on that laptop though? Let me make a couple of analogies. If you made an ...
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