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Is it haram to watch people kiss on TV?

Short Answer Islam greatly insists on the privacy of intimacy between any married couples. All acts of intimacy, or of sexual nature, or that lead to arousal, are haram (unless it's with your spouse) ...
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Is men kissing men haram?

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind. Answer: Firstly: I understand you well, and this is a devil’s whispers and Homosexuality is a big crime inherited from the people of LUT. ...
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Is it permitted for a woman to kiss another woman on the cheek?

Yes, there's nothing wrong with a woman kissing another woman or a man kissing another man on the cheek, as a greeting, sign of gratitude, etc.
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Kissing another person of same gender but with no sexual attraction

Likely it's not allowed. Kissing lips is more common with the older generations and also more common for warmer cultures (Arab or Latin cultures) I've seen parents, grandparents do this ie it's ...
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