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What to do If you can't clean a place that you made dirty

Not everything dirty is considered Najis. And if there is no Najis under the shoes, there is no problem with his prayer if he touches them. Even if a place is Najis and someone who does not know ...
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Will we have dunya things like luxury cars, private jets, yacths, tv, video games etc. in Jannah

We will have anything we wish in Jannah (as long as it's not sinful): "There they will never hear any idle or sinfulness (of speech)." -Surah 56 verse 25 "Say,“Is this better or the ...
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Will we have whatever we wish in Jannah including worldly things like cars, private jets, yachts, tv, video games etc.?

Salam alaikoum, all praise be to Allah (swt), There are many good fatawa regarding this including this comprehensive one which should answer all of your questions. To put it simply, The Noble Quran ...
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Does the wife in the hadith annoy her husband in the earth or jannah im still confused about the hadith

since Jannah is a place of perfect harmony it is obvious that any disharmony can only occur in this life on earth.
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Can women ask for male hoor al ayn?

Allah will reduce her wish to get male Hoor type someone. But there is no Authentic or even weak source of Hadith/Quran to confirm that a Muslim woman will get another Husband. No proof of that. But ...
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