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Is receiving health insurance from one's company permissible?

You have to tell us what school of thought you have then based on that someone can answer. There are various answers to this question. However in a nutshell: Sunnis are more inclined to it being Haram....
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Using PayPal to pay for goods and services

Paypal is just a virtual payment processor, it's halal if your balance/money source is also halal. Make sure you don't use the debit/credit card that has riba/interest to fund the money. Islam Q&A ...
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Is beema allowed in Islam?

In my view, Insurance is based on interest (sood) which is haram. Because you pay a little amount to them but they give more money in return. So I think it is haram. And Allah knows best
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Is taking back insurance money (ignoring the interest) permitted?

Yes, as insurance is considered haram because of the presence of riba/interest in it. And about interest Allah says in quran: “Those who eat riba will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except ...
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