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Praying with bowel discomfort or fecal incontinence

The ruling on urinary/feces incontinence and continual passing of wind is the same as the ruling on istihaadah (prolonged non-menstrual vaginal bleeding). Urine, wind and vaginal bleeding all ...
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I have urine incontinence, can I do tayammum?

You can't do tayammum if the conditions allowing it are not fulfilled. And those are either the absence of water or the use of water being harmful (causing harm for example death risk). If you have ...
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is it okay to not wrap anything for Urine incontinence issue?

Yes. You need to cover the parts to prevent the droplets. Some points that have been highlighted by the fuqaha' : The prayer and other acts of worship that require wudu' (ablution) are not abolished ...
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How should a person facing urinary incontinence pray?

Incontinence is analogous to persistent vaginal bleeding, and hence the same method of dealing with it applies to it. A person must perform wudu once for each prayer and their wudu will not be ...
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How should a person facing urinary incontinence pray?

If your urinary incontinence is constant, when prayer comes, cover your private area and pray as if it is not coming out. If you are too worried about the urine, then Allah knows that you are not ...
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Does a Muslim woman with urinary incontinence need to change her pad before each prayer?

The general rule is that one's garments should be pure for Prayer to be offered in them. In case they are soiled with urine they should be washed with water. Since in this case ablution lasts from ...
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