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Is the hadith of the pond of Khumm authentic? If so, what is the sunni view on it?

The hadith of the pond of Khumm (Arabic: حدیث غدیر خم) has multiple versions, and a multitude of interpretations based on these different versions. The Sunni view is that the hadith is not an ...
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Can Imams abrogate Quran?

Can imams abrogate the Quran? Abrogation by the imams happens if this ruling is from God and the prophet told the imam, otherwise, the imams cannot issue the ruling of abrogation on their own behalf. ...
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Did Allah leave no vicegerants for jinnkind?

According to the Shiites, prophets and the 12 Imams are also the prophets and Imams of the jinn. That is, they must obey human leaders
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What is the status of Hussain bin Ali, When Ali bin Abu Talib was Imam?

Muhsin ibn Ali (as) was not contemporary to the Holy Prophet (sawa). Sunni sources apparently don't give a date of his death. According to the Shia he died before birth due to a miscarriage that Lady ...
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