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When should I break the fast for iftar when I can hear multiple adhans at different times?

I think you should go talk with those masajid imams about this issue too that why is this time difference. There can be one reason which i can understand is the jaafri fiqh(or shia) iftar 10 minutes ...
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Saying bismillah when breaking fast

Saying "Bismillah بسم الله " is not mandatory, but among the sunan of eating. This is based on: "When one of you eats food, then let him say: 'Bismillah.' If he forgets in the ...
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Is there evidence to exercise a little before Iftar?

I suspect this is just a practical constraint. If we exercise during daylight, it may be too hot, and we can't drink to rehydrate until iftar. We may also need to go to work. It might be ...
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