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People of Jannah will do tasbeeh (Subhana Allah) and takbeer (Allahu Akbar) in their gratitude to Allah, and that is their worship. The Prophet (SAW) said: The inhabitants of Jannah will eat and drink therein, but they will not have to pass excrement, to blow their noses or to urinate. Their food will be digested producing belch which will give out a smell ...


I don't see what the problem is here. The actor is being asked to help inaugurate a mosque - not perform there. The latter is haram, the former is fine. It would be strange though if there were no religious clerics on hand to lead the ceremonies.


As'salaamu alaikum, brother. Yes, it is possible for people to worship the Prophet's grave, and this is in spite of the Dua reported in the hadith you cited. Let's look to the Qur'an for some understanding.... Firstly, the idea that every Dua offered by a Prophet is always always accepted and approved is a faulty idea. Prophet Ibraheem prayed for his mushrik ...

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