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Is fingering wife's vagina legal in Islam?

Yes, it is legal. It is permissible for a Muslim man to enter his fingers in his wife's vagina. And it's also permissible for the wife to touch his penis. All kinds of sexual acts except anal sex and ...
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Does the husband have to earn the right to be obeyed by his wife?

Your friend is wrong, there is no backing for his\her statement. If the right had to be earned : It would have been noted in the ayah. Instead the ayah is unconditional: "So righteous women are ...
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Ask Allah a spouse whom I love

Asking for something halal isn't prohibited at all. Just keep repenting, say astagh-fer-allah hundreds of times a day,he would help you ISA Ask him ,if she is right for you, help you marry her, ...
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Do you have to be married in paradise?

@Alex A said " if you don't want to be married in next life, it is also fine, and this is your choice to do. And in Heaven you can do whatever you wish, you can get married there, or anything." I ...
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Is a muslim husband allowed to get naked in front of his multiple wives?

'Awrah and closing the sight of it is an important topic in Islam and the qur'an has emphasized on timings for privacy of spouses in (24:58-60). As chastity and modesty is an important part of its ...
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Is my future husband fixed since I was born?

If the human wants something to happen, but Allah does not want it to happen, that deed does not occur and does not occur. If this desire, which does not come into existence, is a good thing, the ...
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Recording and listening wife moans during sex

this is a bit controversial. In my own opinion, there's no such thing as "Safe" in technology. our hijab can be exposed at any moment (e.g hacker, human error, etc.) so it's best for the ...
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Does a Sin transmit to the husband as he has the responsibility of the wife?

i will answer the question shortly but in order to answer i have to correct some of your statements, firstly: the husband is in the responsibility of his wife by having to spend on her and fulfill ...
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Does the husband have to earn the right to be obeyed by his wife?

The husband is responsible for his wife and children ( taking care of them monetarily or otherwise), and the wife is responsible for obeying her husband at all times. Obeying her husband encompasses ...
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Is it permissible for a son-in-law to stay at his wife's parental home if invited by her parents?

Of course he (son-in-law) can stay and visit the wife parents home other than gender mixing issues that you have mentioned. In fact this is very common in few sub continent families that son-in-law ...
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How can a Muslim woman indicate her willingness to be an obedient wife to a prospective husband?

She can either express her willingness to be an obedient wife verbally and explicitly, or demonstrate it through her actions during the courtship period; different ways she can demonstrate this: ...
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