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Salam. How many verses (stats) and ahadees (authentic) advocating place of mother and how many talking about rights of wives (could be four, conditions applied)? How many such instructions explicit or implied for admonishing of mother or wives? No one talks about it. Just because mother is old (wrinkled), she has played her role of giving birth, raising and ...


If the husband is missing, in other words, if there is no word of him and his whereabouts is not known, then the wife should go to the Islamic judge, who can stipulate a specific time period, after which he may be presumed dead, according to whatever he sees fit. If that time period expires without any trace of him being found, then the judge may rule that ...


I think woman should obey a good husband, if a man force his wife to do something that she can't for now (having sex but she's sick), I don't consider him as a good husband. LA YOQALIFO ALLAHO NAFSSANE ILLA WOSAAHA Sorry for my English, it's not my native language :)

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