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Next in reference to eating of vegan flesh, or ‘ accidental ‘ eating of human flesh ‘. The biblical slaves intelligence was commonly tested. Eating of Christ’s body and blood seemed to confuse many uneducated as well. Kosher was bread and fish, from the near by kingdom, so the eating of flesh would stop.


It was common khan to kill and consume the enemy. Not permitted was to end War. Halal meat must be prepared and slaughtered with blood on the ground. Eating of human flesh is the ancestral curse, also found in worshipers of texts that describe Egyptian tombs, hidden texts, and cave, passage way ‘writing in the wall’. People of the book cannot engage in any ...


وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته If you were fasting at the time it may be due to lack of water and low blood sugar. Sometimes you can get very light headed especially after Sujood. As far as I am aware when we pray out salah when in sajdah the sins fall off our shoulders and they are weighty but this is a matter if the unseen so shouldn't affect you in ...

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