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In Islam yes you have to wear it as a girl but if you just are y ready don’t do it you need to commit to it It is better to do it when your ready and wear it for the rest of ur life then being forced and taking it off which is a bigger sin I’m going through the same thing rn and all I can say is good luck


If your question is: If hijab(Covering) is against safety,then what should be done. Then answer: You should try your best to protect your covering. Your first choice will be migration (Hijrat).


Thank you for sharing the CNN. I looked into the original report and full report. The report is not specific to Muslims. surveyed 3,105 Muslim, Arab, South Asian, Jewish, and Sikh New Yorkers about their experiences of bias harassment, discrimination, and acts of hate I think there are two reasons that lead to mistreatment. We shouldn't mix them ...

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