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It is obligatory upon you to cover your áwrah and observe the hijāb, and it is impermissible for you to reveal your hair and beauty to non-mahram men. You may not like the behaviour of your father, and it can be understood that you would not like it, but you must remember that a Muslim man who has ghayrah will not tolerate his daughter to reveal herself to ...


Hijab is not obligatory for slave women. Slave women were exempted from Hijab because (1) they had to do chores outside homes and some times they had to work for hours in heat and summer which would not have been practical while wearing Jilbab and Khimar. (2) and that they could be distinguishable from free women.


Assalamoalykum! No, it's not haram but if she's being very tough so it's not okay because from this, people get away from the deen specially today's people. She should understand how to teach something and then if you still doesn't wear hijab then she should not force you but then you're literally being a munafiq. I know it's hard sometime but try to ...


You should first ask yourself why is your mother requesting you to wear a hijab; who's command is it to actually wear a hijab? Also, ask yourself what's the wisdom behind wearing one and why it's better for an individual to do so because it preserves your character away from harm and keeps you steadfast on the most righteous of things. You also need to ...

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