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Consideration of weak hadiths

Short summary Weak ahadith can be a proof or confirmation of the health of non-weak ahadith they are further essential additional sources for shar'ia from the perspective of many scholars since the ...
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About the hadith of Jibril a.s. putting mud into the mouth of Firaun

The hadith is as follows: The Prophet (SAW) said: When Allah drowned Firawn, he said, "I believe that there is no god except the one Bani Israel believes in." And Jibril said (to me): You ...
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Consideration of weak hadiths

There are reasons on why hadiths are made weak, these are based on the reasons for: (1) the chain of narrators must be unbroken (in other words, the hadith may be traced all the way back to its ...
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Explanation of verse 24:62

The permission in the first verse is only limited to "when they are [meeting] with him for a matter of common interest". But the permission in the second verse is to remain behind the ...
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