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Wiswas are from shaitaan. I know a lot of people, say that but it is the truth. The same happens to me. I feel impure most of the time after ghusl but if you have let eater pass through your whole body and made sure there is no dirt on there, then you have completed your ghusl.


No need to do ghusl again. If you touched you private part after wudu your wudu is broken and you have to do wudu again. In the circumstances there is no need to do ghusl again.


Note that ghusl doesn't become invalid by what invalidates wudu'. The things which require performing ghusl It only invalidates by what makes it necessary such as: semen emission due to lust and desire. nocturnal emission. intercourse (with or without semen emission) end of menses or childbed bleeding death (this is the only case where somebody else must ...

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