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This is a valid ghusl as it meets the conditions for validity of ghusl. According to Ĥanafī fiqh, ghusl consists of three obligatory act, and if one is omitted then the ghusl is invalid: To rinse the mouth To cleanse the nose To wash the entire surface of the body Imām Abu’l Ĥusayn Aĥmad al-Qudūrī al-Ĥanafī [362-428 AH / 973-1037 CE] writes in his ...


I don’t know how but I just sit and then my penis just ejection. I don’t think of bad stuff, I am good but this is annoying me. Why does this happens to me with me even doing anything bad, it’s not like I do and things I am a Muslim i and good but i don’t know why I have ejection.


From my own knowledge I understand that for a ghusl to be valid it must meet the 3 obligatory criteria which is to make the water reach the nose mouth and then wash all the body including the head making sure all parts of the body is washed. This must be done with clean water. But I believe from the way you described it your ghusl will be invalid because you ...


Simple. There are three steps that you should follow in order to perform the fara'id (mandatory steps) of the ghusl. According to Wikipedia : Farā'id of Ghusl (Hanafi Guidelines) There are three fard (obligatory) acts. If one of these acts is omitted, it must be returned to and completed before the remaining acts.[9] Rinsing the inner mouth Sniffing water ...

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