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If one does fidyah for not fasting in Ramadan, but afterwards one is able to fast, should one make up for missed days?

(This is what I found in the Ta'leemul Haq, a Hanafi based book on the five fundamental pillars of Islam) The condition for Fidyah is: A very old person who does NOT have the strength to fast or a ...
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Does a woman need to giving charity when she can not fast because of a menstrual period?

No! That’s not true! There is no charity linked to period in any of sharia and Fiqh! Regarding Ramadhan, one should feed a poor person for everyday he can not fast at all! This is to compensate the ...
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What is the difference between fidyah الفدية and kaffarah الكفارة?

Fidyah is something which is paid/done because of leaving/missing some Religious Duty because of some sickness or disability. While Kaffarah is something paid/done because a person leave/miss some ...
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