In the name of Allah the merciful the compassionate All what a Muslim does should be for the sake of Allah. The exalted. In fact, the life of a Muslim must be the reflection of God's gratification. Knowing this point, you are allowed to choose your own career. Another thing which must be noted is the Islamic rules. None of the mentioned jobs are haram until ...


There is no problem in any of these profession. What important is that you must follow Islamic protocols (as applicable). For example Fashion designing: if you design garments that does not violates Islamic dress code. Then there is no problem. Modelling: you can be a model but within the bounds of hijab. And the product you are endorsing must be allowed ...


I don’t know if they are the same, but it is permissible for men to wear silver. I am not very well educated on the matter of men wearing jewelry though.source


In my opinion you can make whatever ypu want even if it revels because the cloths maybe be used with her mehram or infront of other women.


In the name of Allah I am a woman like you and I realize completely what you want , but today the purpose of modeling industry not only is not suitable and good for women but also is just deceiving them and deviate their mind from the right and useful way of life . They just want women to think about their clothes and appearances and not think about the ...

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