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Is it possible to enter kufr because of bad thoughts about Allah?

What should I do in such a situation? You are suffering from waswas and it's okay, you will have to find a treatment for it (let it be ruqyah, therapy or whatever suits you). Am I out of the ...
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Is it common to get bad thoughts in your mind when you start studying Qur'an and Islam more

You can say that it is common to get bad thoughts because shaitan(devil) is always there to get you away from the path of Allah. He tries his best so that you give up reading and learning more of ...
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I complained by accident will I still be tested by Allah(SWT)?

Bad thoughts happens to Anyone . It is satan who whispers to have bad thoughts , feel ungrateful , feel I adequate, feel insecure , feel like you will not be forgiven . Be aware they are not from ...
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Having evil thoughts

No Allah SWT doesn’t punish you for your thoughts, if you act on these awful thoughts then that’s where you have went wrong. You can’t control your thoughts especially when you have waswas, so it’s ...
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Do I need to perform ghusl if I have white fluid discharge without any sexual arousal?

The fluids that a woman discharges – other than urine and menstrual blood – are: (1) maniy (sexual fluid), (2) madhy (pre-sexual fluid), (3) wady which is thick, cloudy (turbid) and white fluid that ...
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How to control bad thoughts about sex, swearing, etc.?

1.Simply red quran.It will help a lot.(I think the most important part). 2.Decrease your connection with your bad friends. 3.Pray after a short while after Azan. 4.Go to a mosque to pray.
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Can Jinns (shaytan, iblees) read your thoughts and feelings?

All perfect praise be to Allah I will try to answer as per my knowledge, if anything in my answer is wrong, let me know i will update the answer. Being said that, let's move to the answer. Let's ...
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