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What does Islam offer to protect a child of a haram relationship?

Islam is indeed against adultery, and there are rules that govern these conditions according to the applicable classification: Walad al-zina (Arabic: ولد الزنا): offspring from adultery where both ...
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How to pronounce these six difficult-sounding Arabic letters?

First note that your question title is asking about 6 letters while the content only reveals 4! The best way is to look for a hafidh who has a connected chain to the prophet and learn from him the so ...
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Is it lawful for Muslims to prohibit LGBT people from getting an education?

The acronym LGBT does not appear in any classical Islamic text, or for that matter, any text written in any language before the 1990s (which is, as you can tell, very recent, compared to thousands of ...
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Are there any Islamic teachings on child education?

One of the most important advises in Islam for raising children, said in modern terms : " Lead by example ". That is , do not ever lie to your child, in any way. He will pray if he sees you pray, he ...
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Does Quran/Islam forbid women from going to school?

Does Quran/Islam forbid women from going to school? There is nothing in the holy scriptures of Islam that prohibits women from going to school. In fact, there is no mention of schools in the Islamic ...
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Can a muslim girl take her education from a non-mahram male teacher?

Traditional fiqh advises girls to be tought by female teachers, with the possiblity of male teachers teaching them behind a curtain (see here). This fatwa says that it is allowable for female students ...
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Can I learn about the reproduction process of the opposite gender in school?

Brother, this knowledge will not benefit you in any way, because the individual naturally learns such stuff when he gets older, and getting into such detail in a young age does one's mental clarity ...
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Is it haraam to watch porn with ones wife to learn things?

This is just the ruse of shaytan to push you to do something haram. Don’t watch porn at all. It is haram and even if you watch it you won’t learn anything incredibly important. And there are many ...
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Education of Girls/Women

As per Hadith seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim. First word Angel Jabriel taught to Prophet Muhammad is 'Iqra', means read, so Quran starts with the instruction to read. The problem is ...
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Is that islam give the permission to women of coeducation?

It is permissible if there is a partition and separate entrances, or if the men and women sit in different rows, so the men can not see or intermingle with the women. Sahih Muslim 440: The best ...
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can girls study in co-education systems?

If it's a Muslim country, then they have to create a separate school/college for girls, if not then YES we can go to any school/college because education is more important in Islam. After Jung-e-...
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Is it halal to take a student finance loan for education?

Assalamu alaikum, a) There is one type of student loan where you can pay back within a certain period, without giving any interest. This is halal if all are paid-back without any extra money (...
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